Sota Els Àngels

Sota els Àngels vineyard, whose name derives from the mountain at which foothill it sits : El Angel (The Angel), is located in the heart of the Gavarres range in the municipality of Cruilles- Monells-Sant Sadurni de l’Heura, in Baix Emporda. Sheltered by two mountains, in the middle of a hidden and silent grove, lies the vineyard of Sota els Àngels. Surrounded by hillsides which are mostly slate and granite, the soil of Sota els Àngels is loam and is composed of 35% silt, 30% sand, 12% clay and 10% quartz. The vineyard has a gentile 7% incline, falling north towards the most characteristic element of the local climate, the Tramontana wind. This strong north wind often reaches 50 knots and has a massive impact on local farming and a very positive affect on the health and character of the vines. Winters are gentle with few frosts, and the hot summers are tempered by the sea breeze. Their 8 hectare biodynamic farmed vineyard has very low fruit yields, resulting in all red varietals producing only 1 to 1.5 kg per vine except Syrah which only produces 350 – 400 grams per vine.