About Us

Our mission

At Lawrence Boone Selections we discover and import the finest wines, from those of the most renowned wine regions in the world to those of the most obscure. We only import sustainably produced wines that are true expressions of their terroir. We focus on artisanal, single vineyard, small production, estate grown and environmentally friendly wines.

Our goal

We pride ourselves on finding vintners who create wines that express not only the terroir, but also embody the vintner’s unique personalities and characteristics too. At Lawrence Boone selections, we truly feel lucky to work with all our producers and to be able to share their hard work, history and traditions with you.

Lawrence Boone

Lawrence now resides in Delaware but was born in Virginia. Throughout the years, his work has allowed him to travel to many places in the world. Little did he know that one of those places would change his life forever. In one of his trips to Europe, the Catalonian region of Spain stole his heart with their culture, food and wine being second to none. Since then, Larry has become a lover of all things Spain and believes it is now his duty to share this passion for their culture and wines with everyone he meets. He is certified through Philadelphia Wine School, WSET and also currently enrolled in Washington State University's enology program.

When he's not busy pushing Spanish vino on anyone with a willing palate, he enjoys eating good food, traveling and hanging out with family and friends.